MAC Practice-A-Thon to Help Hurricane Harvey and Irma Victims

No doubt you are all aware of the awful, destructive winds and flooding that Texas and Florida are experiencing. The Musical Arts Center would like to do something to help the people affected by these natural disasters.

MAC is sponsoring a Practice-A-Thon to raise funds to be donated to the American Red Cross for the hurricane victims.

Here’s how it works: simply download the form located HERE. Students complete the form with their names and the number of minutes they pledge to practice for each of the 30 days from September 21st to October 21st. Students then begin calling on friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coaches, etc., to pledge to donate a specific amount for each practice session. For example, if a person pledges $0.50 per day, that pledge would total $15.00. If a person pledges $1.00 per day, the pledge total would be $30.00. Donors may also just give a donation. The more pledges gathered, and the more practicing done, the more each student will raise. Donations and pledges can be cash or check, with checks made out to the American Red Cross.

Students turn in pledge sheets plus the donations and pledges collected to the MAC office by October 21st. Parents, we will rely on your help in assisting younger children to honor their pledged amount of practice through October 21st.

The Musical Arts Center will donate cash prizes of $100, $60, and $40 to the three students who raise the greatest amount over $100. In addition, all students raising over $100 will be entered into a drawing for 4 free lessons (one month’s tuition)!

We invite you to practice away, get those pledges, and take the opportunity to raise funds to help the many, many people in need.

Just think – if 10 students raise $100, we could raise $1,000; 50 students raising $100 could raise $5000; 100 students raising $100 could raise $10,000! What a great contribution that would be, and what a wonderful habit of practice would be established!

Thank you for your participation!!

Please call the MAC Office (513-321-2766) with any questions.



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