Message from our Executive Director


Thank you for choosing The Musical Arts Center for your music and acting training. We are honored to have you here. We have been serving people just like you for over 33 years and consider it a privilege to share in the   excitement and beauty of discovery.

Our philosophy has always been to provide the finest teachers that we can engage in this process. Great education can only come from well-trained committed individuals who understand the power of music in the mind and body and can share it at a high level. MAC is proud of its spectacular faculty. Most are known regionally or nationally for various talents and specialties.

Measurement of our training success comes at competitions and audition time for colleges and universities. Our record of acceptances at our local UC-College Conservatory of Music (more than 100 in the last 25 years!) is a strong indicator of our talent development perspective.

Every year hundreds of our students at the grade school and high school level are chosen by their school directors to appear in scores of productions.

The power of music to open and stimulate the mind of every participant is well documented. Let us say that music is one of the ultimate brain developers: a multivitamin stimulator for human development! It is a privilege for us to share this wonderful art with you. We are truly immersed in the thought that through music study we can “discover gifts, nurture talents and inspire excellence.”

Karl Resnik
Executive Director