Overture Awards


The Overture Awards is a program that recognizes, encourages and rewards excellence in the arts among tri-state students, grades 9-12. Its mission is to encourage arts education as an integral part of a student’s academic experience and to create an environment that encourages training in, and appreciation of, the arts. The Overture Awards Scholarship Competition is the area’s largest solo arts competition and offers scholarships in six artistic disciplines: creative writing, dance, instrumental music, theater, visual art, and vocal music. For the 2018 competition, students may win a $4,000 scholarship (one awarded in each discipline) or a $1000 finalist scholarship (a total of 18 awarded). Judges at all levels of the competition are drawn from the professional arts community. Learn more about this year’s competition here.

Since our vocal and musical theater students first began entering the competition in 1998, Musical Arts Center-trained students have placed in the finals (guaranteed scholarship) EVERY SINGLE YEAR, many of those years including multiple finalists, overall winners, or both. We have had the top winner in at least one of those categories in 13 out of 20 years; in 2011, 2012, and 2015 our students won in both vocal music and musical theater, making 16 grand prize winners in 20 years.

Thank you to our amazing faculty for their hard work and dedication!

2017 Finalists in Theater

  • Elsa Benson
  • Morgan Reece


2018 Overture Awards Application

View Our Past Success! – List of MAC Finalists and Winners since 1998

Vocal Music:

Musical Theatre:


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